Microlearning Courses

Next to our full courses on various topics, we are really happy providing you a growing series of microlearning courses. They are very focused on a single topic, crisp and short. And more important: most of them are FREE!
Currently we offer them in 2 language flavors: English and German.

We are currently in the process of preparing our first Microlearning courses, which will be available for free! Some of them in English, some of them in German, or even both languages. A Microlearning course is of about 30-60min duration. It comes with one ore more videos and one or more worksheets.

In addition to what we already work upon you can drop us your note, what you would like us to create a Microlearning course on. Please drop us your information with some details (topic, what you would like to get out of it) via email to hello@agileexperts.academy.