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Introduction to this Scrum Foundations Course

Welcome to Scrum Foundations!

We are happy taking you on a journey to successful product development. Let us guide you through the essence of the Scrum framework, so that you can get most out of it and start growing impact in your own initiatives.

Even if you heard about Scrum before or maybe already spent some time on a Scrum initiative, you might be surprised. Positively, of course 🙂

There is a lot of confused advise about Scrum out there – we believe this is, because the mechanics of Scrum are really easy to grasp. Finally it is just a 3-5-3 framework, right? 3 roles, 5 events, 3 artifacts. That‘s it. Right?

But quite often such a view will be limited only looking at shallow facts. Missing the essence and key thinking behind increases the probability you will not get to the actual benefits.

Yes, you will run Scrum, people on a team or customers might be more or less happy. But it won‘t keep the promises you read about before. The thinking and success behind Scrum is anything else, but prescriptive practice. That is, why Scrum is a framework. The minimum version of a framework. And the purpose of it is to let a process emerge, which will enable your organization to deliver the maximum value for customers. It is the biggest bang for the buck.

Curious? Then please, make yourself comfortable, get ready to dive with us into the essence of Scrum.

Please take the checklist in the next section and use it for assessing your own planned or ongoing Scrum initiative. We added some comments on its usage.

It will help you to focus on those aspects, which are most important for your specific environment. These will probably also be the aspects you wanna get answers for, throughout this course.