Scrum Foundations

This course builds the foundation for every Product Development Team, Product Owner or Scrum Master, about to embark on their successful journey with the Scrum framework. Use it as an initial entry point, possibly as pre-work for a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or Certified Product Owner (CSPO) class. Or maybe to revisit and improve some parts of your existing Scrum practices.

This online course comes with

  • 35 educational videos
  • Various worksheets
  • Educational slides for download
  • Interactive knowledge checks
  • And many links to other valuable resources

Last but not least we have added the latest updates to the Scrum Guide 2020 for you.
So not only you can be sure to start from the right place, but also understand the changes and make them applicable for your environment.

There are really a lot of failed Scrum initiatives on the market. Many of them miss an understanding of the essence of Scrum, only focusing on prescribed mechanics. No wonder. But this course takes you on the opposite side. It will give you the essential insights from practical experience. You will learn about, what to consider and which pitfalls to avoid.

The course is not related to IT. The Scrum framework itself is agnostic to IT, although the initial publications were coming from there. Today we support many practitioners from various fields, utilizing Scrum to be more successful with their products: next to IT teams, these are for example architects building houses, HR experts designing a new career program, engineers developing a new car, or for example teachers running an education class and many more.

For now, enjoy the course!
Your Agile Experts Academy Team

A very valuable first intro to Scrum is available via Scrum Alliance and their Scrum Foundations eLearning Series. Please don't mix this up with our course here, which goes deeper. However make sure to check out the Scrum Alliance videos here:

In addition please read the official Scrum Guide, written by the two Scrum authors, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland:
Should you join a facilitated course with us, take notes and bring them with you.

During this course you will receive many worksheets for application in the course and especially for your daily practice. Consider taking them with you to your Scrum teams or into your own trainings and workshops, as most of them are covered by open source license. 

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Course Includes

  • 8 Modules
  • 29 Topics
  • Course Certificate