KMP I: Kanban System Design (KSD)

The Kanban Method is a management and change method for optimizing service delivery in organization of any industry or size. No matter if your scope are whole organizations or only departments inside any organization. It helps growing the right set of service capabilities for the right market requirements.

What Kanban is all about? How to apply Kanban and successfully introduce it into organizations of any size? This is what you learn in this self-paced online course at your finger-tip.

Most organizations work really hard to be successful. But quite often, there is too much work in the system. Many initiatives get started, but little results hit the market. Some of them not at all in time or proper quality. Kanban with its “Stop Starting, Start Finishing” mantra supports you in getting your value streams aligned, starting with strategy, including upstream portfolio management, across all services within the organization.

By fostering a maximum of transparency, collaboration and better decision making you can quickly gain impressive business results (quite typical: increased delivery reliability with 90% lead time reduction and 2-3x throughput at the same time). With its evolutionary approach, this does not at all start with any major reorganization, this way reducing fear and friction.

With the Kanban management method you create a system for continuous improvement. As an entry point you increase the delivery capability, while at the same time decreasing the overburdening of people due to more focus, less multi-tasking, and the satisfaction of getting valuable work delivered to customers.

Included in this course:

  • A PDF workbook with the compilation of concepts and explanations as well as guided exercises
  • PDF slidedeck
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Course Includes

  • 6 Modules