ALJ Awareness Workshop – Agile Leader

This course is the companion to our Agile Leadership Workshops, part of the international Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ) Program. A program and platform served by a group of professional leadership coaches worldwide.

Learn how to increase your leadership capacity and better thrive in complexity.

With this course, you have the opportunity to work out all the content on demand. Dive deeper on the large number of leadership concepts at your own pace. And revisit the exercises, helping you to become more effective in leadership, every single day.


The ALJ Leadership Curriculum supports participants to develop a growth mindset and catalyst behavior based on sound material from decades of leadership research and validation in the field. We have integrated concepts and insights from leadership literature, sociology and psychology with agile ways of working.

The fresh perspectives you get from this course enable you to increase employee and co-worker engagement, team collaboration and improve business outcomes in highly complex and rapidly changing environments.


  • You want to become far more effective as a leader
  • You want to help growing others with their leadership
  • You are facing a turbulent and challenging context (sometimes referred to as VUCA environment)
  • You want to improve the outcome in pivotal conversations. For you and your partners
  • You want to help growing great teams or improving team performance
  • You are leading organizational change

The missing link for any organization to become more adaptive and more resilient. To actually make Agile work. Because according to many surveys over years (State of Agile Report or Business Agility Institute) leadership is the key success factor #1, when it comes to succeeding with positive organizational change.

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The course provides you with a PDF workbook (available via the Intro section) and additional worksheets for the respective modules.

Once logged into the course, be sure to visit the tab Materials for each of the modules and grab your context-specific downloads.

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Course Includes

  • 4 Modules
  • 12 Topics